Clergy and Leadership

The Rev. Dr. Jon Martin

Jon grew up along the shores of the St. Lawrence River in the small town of Ingleside. This included being a member of this parish as a teenager at the same time his mother (The Rev. Canon Pat Martin) was the assistant priest. 

Jon is passionate about social justice, helping to create safe space for those who live on the margins, finding ways to develop healthy relationships between the church and the local community they serve, as well as the Ottawa Senators, Manchester United, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jon completed his Doctor of Ministry in 2020 with a focus on helping rural churches address issues surrounding church decline by using the principles of Sacred Hospitality to rebuild relationships between the parish and the wider community. 

Jon has taken up golf as a way to spend more time with his father in law. This seems to make Jon, and his wife (Melanie), very happy. 

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The Rev. Canon Pat Martin

Some of you may remember Pat from her time as the Assistant Curate here in the parish during the 1990s-2000s. Pat was part of the founding of Martha's Kitchen and the Apple Tree ministries program. 

Now, Pat has returned to our parish as she enters into retirement. While still exploring what retired life will look like, Pat will be the Chair of our Pastoral Care team, and will be involved in our Education and Community Learning Programs. 

Honourary Assistant

The Rev. Canon Fran Aird

Fran graciously assists our parish by taking on services, working on our cemetary committee, and sitting on the parish worship committee. Fran's progressive insights, as well as compassionate ear, have been invaluable to shaping the life of ministry of our parish. 

Honourary Assistant

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