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Pastoral Services

At the heart of our call to serve the world God loves is the pastoral offerings of the church. If you have any questions about our pastoral ministries, or if you would like to book an appointment, please contact our parish office.


Baptism is the ancient rite of initiation into the life of faith. During this ceremony, the parents and sponsors of the newly baptized will promise to raise the candidate in a way that models the life of Jesus, and encourages them to participate in the life of the church. 


The Parish of South Dundas is happy to help organize and celebrate this next stage of your relationship. It is a time when two people, before God and the community, commit to serving one another so that their relationship may "be a light to a broken world". 

Gathering together with friends and family when a loved one dies is a practice that is older than the Church itself. It is a time to acknowledge our own saddness at this loss, ponder the mysteries of life, and celebrate a life well lived. 

Pastoral Visits

Our parish has a fully trained pastoral team that takes seriously the call of Jesus to visit the sick, marginalized, isolated and those who simply need a compassionate ear. Our team provides companionship and visits, and our clergy are happy to provide access to the sacraments and a trained ear in times of crisis. 

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